Who I am

Systems analyst and developer, and occasionally project manager.

I graduated from UFRGS in Advertising in 2005 and Systems Analysis and Development, from SENAC, in 2011. Then I post-graduated in Project Management with PUC-RS in 2014.

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Some of the companies I have worked with

I started building web pages for fun in 1997, back when HTML was  enough. By around 2005 I had already assumed my Non-Practicing Advertiser side and started programming in Java, though I’ve always kept the web as my de facto front end.

In 2008, reaching the end of the then-current version of HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, I also took part in the technical documentation team in charge of writing the product manual, due to my, modesty aside, excellent English writing skills.

By 2010 I was working at Dell and  was appointed lead developer of the team charged with the L10N project for the company’s tech support knowledge base.

From 2013 to 2015, working for an American financial company, I lead a small team developing the UI component to a large and ambicious project intent on integrating several companies in the group. I cannot go into details, but suffice to say I performed several project management attributions, from creating the WBS to task distribution, scheduling, follow up and status reports to the higher management. At first the expectation was that of a short project, so I conducted it according to the waterfall model, but as the scope grew and grew, by the time we finished the initial set of requirements I moved on to adopt the agile methodology SCRUM, which allowed us to deal with constant changes in a much more dynamic way. At the end, the project which was supposed to last for a couple of months took about a year and a half, I must say, due to the constantly changing client requirements that made the scope grow exponentially. Our small team grew as well and we managed to keep the project on track until the end, against all odds.

There are only three inevitable things in life: death, taxes, and the certainty that the scope will change.

At around that time I joined the client’s browser standards committee, and helped them detach from museum pieces such as IE8 and some older smartphones, which was crucial for the success of the next big project, converting their home banking system to a responsive layout, in which I also played a key role.